How to Disable the Keep Scrolling for More Prompt on Facebook

Facebook’s experimentation with its News Feed feature is not going to die whenever shortly. Just one of the firm’s most recent experiments is the ‘Keep scrolling for more’ prompt.

How To Disable The Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message

It can be supposedly crafted to assistance you learn new material across Fb that might be of use to you. I mean, that’s what Fb figured. But it’s apparent that it’s just another way to make you shell out a lot more time on the social community.

It can be not that we you should not scroll by our newsfeed endlessly, so we didn’t definitely will need a particular prompt to remind us of the exact. The company instantly assumed that buyers would want this feature and so they have pressured it on us.

Fortunately, we have a handful of nifty tips to disable this information if it’s been bothering you.

Given that there is no immediate system to flip this feature off, you’d have to compromise on some options and sadly, that’s the only way for now. So, if you are Okay with making some tradeoffs, let’s see how to get rid of this information.

1. Use Fb Lite

Aside from remaining terribly mild (60MB vs 2MB), Fb Lite has one a lot more advantage: it lacks the animations and other extravagant things normally related with the major application. This means that it isn’t going to occur with the unnecessary ‘Keep scrolling for more’ nudge.

Facebook Vs Facebook Lite App ComparisonFacebook Vs Facebook Lite App Comparison

So, if you’d rather sacrifice the extravagant options for information from significantly and extensive, this is one of the easiest methods. Additionally, FB Lite has small application information use and hundreds speedier than the typical Fb application.

2. Use a 3rd-occasion FB App

Using a third-occasion Fb application is the best middle ground amongst a lite application and the typical application. You get most of the options, minus the muddle. Additionally, most of the third-occasion applications are greater optimized and hog much less resources.

Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 1Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 1

Just one of the greatest alternatives is Metal for Fb & Twitter. It can be lightweight and non-invasive and replicates the world wide web version with a pair of further options thrown in.

Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 2Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 2
Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 3Keep Scrolling For More Posts From Across Facebook Message 3

Aside from furnishing the crafted-in mechanism of blocking the aforementioned feature, this application also lets you concept your Fb feed. You can decide on amongst a dim concept or a pitch black concept for AMOLED units, among other individuals.

3. Use Browser Extension (FB Purity)

For desktop buyers, specific extensions assistance to skirt this feature. Just one of the greatest extensions is F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity. This extension’s most important aim is to deliver a clear browsing practical experience by blocking out material which it deems irrelevant. And fortunately, this extension also deems Hold scrolling for a lot more feature as irrelevant and instantly blocks it.

Though the above setting is automatic, FB Purity also gives you plenty of solutions to customise your timeline. It also includes a nifty option to see who unfriended you on Fb.

Fb PurityFb Purity

To do so, click on on the FBP icon after the extension has been downloaded. This will open a settings menu and all you have to do is just test the solutions that you want.

Fb PurityFb Purity

Faucet on Preserve and Shut and you are going to be sorted. Sweet and uncomplicated.

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Take a Crack

Perhaps ‘Keep scrolling for more’ is not that excellent for you. Social media habit is actual and reducing down on our Fb time is only prudent. And not permitting Fb bait us into looking for the next humorous online video is most likely a excellent point to do. Appropriate?

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